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Results you can expect with AgES

  • Quick and easy GST filing and efficient automation of E-Way bill generation.
  • Transparency in Tariff setup and automated tariff calculation reduces the response time to new customers.
  • Efficient tracking of consignment and vehicles with instant alerts through GPS / GPRS integration.
  • Optimum planning for routing, maximum Vehicle and Driver utilization.
  • Simplified booking and delivery process made possible through Android mobile application.
  • Considerable Reduction in vehicle down time and breakdown with comprehensive fleet maintenance.

Capabilities for Logistics Management Software

AgES Logistics Workflow Chart

E-way bill Automation

The GST ready Logistics software offers web based e-invoicing system which helps you to generate e-way bills and e-invoices in just a click. In case of integration with existing system we offer efficient interfaces which effectively integrate the e-way bill process with your system.

Mobile Application

Mobile application supports instant Booking with its Quick LR / GCN creation feature. Simplifies the consignment and vehicle tracking. Provides complete delivery information, vehicle time tracking & provision to Upload Proof of Delivery –e-POD.


AgES Logistics Management Software provides Route Planning with the integration of GPS / GRPS Software. Real time fleet tracking / consignment tracking provides instant information to all the stakeholders and ensures Effective utilization of resources.

RFID Integration

AgES logistics is an unique solution integrated with RFID Technology. Rugged RFID scanners/readers, Tags, Antennas and RFID Solution usage ensure accurate tracking of goods in warehouse.

SMS and E-mail

The Logistics Management Software provides Instant notification on booking and delivery to consignor and consignee. Timely alert and notifications are also given for maintenance due, abnormal fuel consumptions, and document renewals.

Fleet Card

Comprehensive provision to integrate all type of fleet cards ensures effective fuel management & enhanced performance of vehicle and driver. Reduces the cash payments and also supports Tool and Parking Charges.

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The Tariff / Contract management of AgES Logistics Management Software streamlines the entire process of Tariff / contract creation, approval and renewal, with its various services and parameters for logistics tracking software. Predefined charges can be created based on Company Standards, Customer specific, Supplier specific, Category of service, movement type, cargo nature, volume and Distance. Integrates rates into operations and provides automatic rate fetching, thereby reduces managerial intervention and provides quick response to customers on new enquiry.

  • Single contract for multiple services.
  • Provision to define various weight range, distance and container type.
  • Supports contracts with variety of payment types -- Paid, To Pay, Billed and FOC.
  • Comprehensive provision to define customer wise payment terms.
  • Effective control with unique id and date period.
  • Supports multi-level of authorization and approvals.
  • Contract renewal alerts to the stakeholders.
  • Provision to add various additional charges.
  • Revision control and provides historical reports on software for logistics management.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What features does the software offer with respect to the newly introduced GST and e-way bill?
The software offers extensive features for easy filling of all GST returns. It offers e-invoicing feature with which the e-way bill generation is automated. We also interface with your existing system to port data and make e-invoicing and e-way bill generation easy and quick.
How do I track my consignment?
AgES Logistics Management Software provides effective consignment tracking with the integration of GPS / GRPS. This gives the most accurate way to track the GCN number of the consignment
Is any SMS tracking integrated in the software? Will my customers get any SMS on tracking?
The application has integrated SMS tracking, all you need is to click on the order number to keep a track of your orders and get notifications for the delays in deliveries with complete visibility.
How do I ensure selection of optimal route for the consignment?
We provide optimal suggestions for route and mode of transportation. Execution methodologies for Priority Delivery are also made available to you.
Is there provision to exercise control over Tariff rate usage?
AgES, streamlines the process by providing Tariff authorization. By entitling the top management with Tariff authorization, control over the process can be ensured. Effective integration between Tariff and Operations enables comparison based on Routes and Rates.
How do I use the system to bring down my operational costs specifically w.r.t vehicle maintenance & fuel cost?
Effective follow ups for maintenance averts vehicle breakdown. Alerts are issued ahead for the maintenance activities. Fuel cost is constantly updated in the system and vehicle performance measured based on fuel consumption and appropriate reports provided for action.

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