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Agaram InfoTech has established itself as a credible name for developing specialized ERP software solutions for different industries across the world. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to extend cost effective ERP software development services, facilitating your businesses to gain a competitive advantage.

Agaram Infra

We gained a foothold in the competitive market by 2007 and established a presence in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. In our endeavor to provide holistic business solutions, we engaged in diverse activities including; application development, independent testing and support, hardware, animation, digital publishing and mobile applications. Our ERP software development solutions are built on core business areas such as Material Management, Production Planning, HRMS, Quality and Plant Maintenance etc.

We have an unyielding obsession for perfection that is evident from our high-quality work standards. We deliver seamless services facilitating clients to achieve business excellence through our proven competencies, peerless work standards, and absolute dedication. No wonder our vision and mission has propelled Agaram in to the elite list of much sought-after ERP software companies in India.

In an attempt to augment organizational growth, Agaram InfoTech acquired Leiten Technologies, a company that specializes in software development and has to its credit some "off-the-shelf" software products tailor-made for various industries and applications.

Why Choose Us?

We provide you with optimal enterprise solutions that addresses your specific needs, for Agaram values the uniqueness of your business.


"To elevate quality of life across humanity despite diversity."


"To provide our client with optimized solution which gives great values to the business thus improving our stake holders quality of life."

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