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IT Services

Agaram offers exemplary IT services that help you implement, execute, and manage your business in an efficient, faster and profitable way. Our wide spectrum of IT services includes Business process automation, customized software development that caters to your needs, extensive software testing, Software Configuration Management which includes all the tasks involved in tracking and controlling s/w changes, Technical support for all your software and hardware issues, etc. Agaram InfoTech, the trusted IT services provider owns over a decade of experience in devising better solutions and services that guarantees you enhanced productivity and performance, and ensures you increased Customer satisfaction.

End-to-End IT Solutions

End-to-End IT Solutions - Agaram InfoTech

We handle all the activities involved to meet your requirements of hardware, software and systems keeping in mind the demands of your growing business. Our End-to-end solution eliminates hassles, reduces the costs, resources and time involved in the solution installation, integration, and setup. Trend with the leader for achieving effective everyday business management with a wide range of benefits

  • Better Operational Efficiency, Reduced Costs
  • User specific Customization and seamless Integration
  • Faster issue handling and Resolution
  • Most reliable Application Management and Maintenance

We are transparent in our communication and absolutely committed to all our endeavors.

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Application Development and Maintenance

Application Development and Maintenance - Agaram InfoTech

Agaram, IT Services provider trusted by many leading business across the country offers you the most efficient application development and maintenance services. Our applications come to you at optimized costs and offer you greater ROI, a faster response to market opportunities. Agaram provides you the best application services, end to end product development and migration services. Our Application Development service has been devised keeping in mind your requirements of service excellence, flexible delivery models, subject-matter experts, and metric-driven reporting and monitoring.

We understand the importance of maintaining your legacy systems, for your business has heavily invested resources like money and manpower in it. We are aware that any maintenance activity or new development has to work with the existing ecosystem and migration of the legacies to contemporary technologies has to happen smoothly without any loss of data. Hence Agaram works to ensure minimum downtimes and maximum productivity, offers the support you need to achieve your long-term objectives.

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Software Testing

Software Testing - Agaram InfoTech

Quality testing of the software is the most important aspect of the production of any software, for it is extremely important to locate & fix errors, bugs and technical issues before the software is released. Agaram highlights to you the fact that investing in a good quality control with efficient and effective procedures helps you develop a better and scalable software. We provide extensive software testing with quality control tests under all the given categories

  • Functional tests: black box and white box
  • Integration Tests, Regression Tests
  • Automated tests
  • Tests of performance

Agaram offers comprehensive software testing for all your software products be it in-house developed, contracted or purchased software. Be assured of quality software which satisfies all your Business Requirement Specifications (BRS) and System Requirement Specifications (SRS). With Agaram you gain the confidence of your customers by providing them a quality product.

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Software Configuration Management

Software Configuration Management - Agaram InfoTech

In large projects, confusion often caused by miscommunication among team members results in costly errors to the business. Agaram offers you Software Configuration management services that help you organize and manage the changes introduced to your software products. Our services helps you baseline and manage versions of all the components such as software objects, program code, test data, test output, design documents, and user manuals. Associate with Agaram and be assured of exemplary Software Configuration management services that results in

  • Reduced redundant work and Better team coordination
  • Effective base lining and version control of s/w components
  • Improved defect visibility and easy tracking
  • Decreased risk and greater levels of security
  • Cost reduction and better utilization of resources achieved by avoiding unnecessary duplication
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Technical Support

Technical Support - Agaram InfoTech

Good Technical support is essential for a good user experience. Every Software or Hardware irrespective of its complexity raises questions and issues for the customer throughout its period of usage. These may be a result of data entry issues, data portability problems, and also due to the changes in the business requirement. Whatever be the underlying cause, these issues need to be answered and resolved to ensure reduced breakdowns and maximum business results. Agaram offers continuous technical support to all our products both software and hardware to ensure great customer experience. We have dedicated support team that is at your service 24*7, staying connected with you on-line and through phone. Our Support engineers visit your site to comprehend the nature of issue and provide the most appropriate solution. With over a decade of experience in handling technical support Agaram offers you continuous support and maintenance services which provides you

  • Highly qualified technical support staff connected 24*7 for service
  • Better User experience made possible with immediate resolution of issues
  • Enhanced Business results with reduced breakdowns and incidents
  • Cost-effective Maintenance with assured standards
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Product Customization

Product Customization - Agaram InfoTech

Agaram understands best that every business has different requirements, it is very difficult for one product to accommodate multiple needs simultaneously. In this context custom software i.e. products customized to your specific requirements assume great significance. We provide you with Custom software that address all your business requirements, developed utilizing the latest up-to-date technology. Is your business using numerous software programs each addressing your specific business need?. Product Customization is the solution to this issue. Agaram offers you Custom software that is a great solution for program integration. Enjoy the benefits of operating on one custom software application that is designed to integrate multiple processes, and developed to address your specific business goals. Agaram performs Product Customization and offers you custom software that comes to you with full access to a technical support team that was involved in the development process of your application. This ensures that all your application related problems are resolved in an efficient manner.

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Business Process Support

Business Process Support - Agaram InfoTech

Agaram offers you best-in-class Business Process Support. We aid you in all your business processes to improve service levels, reduce costs, and enhance process efficiencies. Gain access to best-in-class processes without having to invest a fortune in requisite technology and skills. Agaram provides you with innovative, efficient, scalable solutions and services, providing you with better ways to manage many important, non-core business processes, including finance, accounting, and human resources.

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Active Directory and Email Management

Active Directory and Email Management - Agaram InfoTech

Agaram provides you active directory management services that help you save the valuable time and effort you expend in managing and coordinating Active Directory access. We offer time-saving single solution for managing account permissions and User IDs across multiple applications; ensure Enhanced end user-experience through automatic password synchronization; save you investment and maintenance cost in new servers with Cloud-based implementation.

Our e-mail management services saves you time, helps you declutter and stay pro-active in you communication. Agaram offers you smart email response programs designed to address the e-mail management issues faced by small groups, large teams and businesses with multiple locations. We assure you enhanced email response, tracking, reporting and storage.

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Mobility Solutions – Android & iOS

Mobility Solutions – Android & iOS - Agaram InfoTech

Agaram has a dedicated business unit that provides end-to-end Mobility solutions and services to industries of varied nature all around the world. Our expertise in Device Testing, Enterprise Solutions and devising sports analytics solutions help our clients leverage the crucial advantage of a cutting edge Mobility ecosystem. We bring together technology and device expertise to provide you with enhanced digital experience in Android and iOS platform. Trend with the leader in mobility solutions and experience the decision making power in your hands.

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Providing you Services to Stay ahead

Agaram provides a wide spectrum of services offering you means to streamline operations, manage business data and enhance productivity. Make the right choice, Stay ahead