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Results you can expect with AgES Human resource Management Software

  • Accurate capture of employee time-in, time-out, leave, permission, OT and other relevant details through Bio-metric integration.
  • Effective & on-time Interview process with the help of timely alert and Notification by the system to the Candidate and the interviewer.
  • Better Leave Management ensured through streamlined Leave Requisition and Approval process.
  • Quick and Efficient Payroll process that generates payroll for thousands of employees in negligible time.
  • Efficient Contract labour management with features for daily labour allocation, labour replacement, attendance and consolidated contractor billing option.
  • Streamlined appraisal process with provision for self-appraisal, managerial appraisal, feedback, approval and resultant action.

Capabilities for HRMS

AgES HRMS Workflow Chart

Biometric Integration

Our HRMS solution supports any type of Biometric device integration to monitor employee movements and collect accurate employee data.

Efficient Recruitment process

Efficient Recruitment process made possible with Resource Recruitment Plan, Interview Scheduling, Interview Rating and efficient management of Joining Formalitiess.

Comprehensive Leave Management

Application provides extensive features for shift allocation, tracking status of employee on duty / permission, tracking leave application status and approval.

Effective Contract Labour Management

Effective Contract labour management achieved through Bio-metric attendance tracker, provision for daily labour allocation, labour replacement and Consolidated Contractor Billing.

Effective Visitor Management

Application provides visitor appointment creation, notifications through system and prints gate passes for various visitors and vehicles to prevent the entry of any unauthorized person. Visitor history retrieved at a single click.

Proficient Payroll Process

System offers provision to process Payroll for Multiple countries in a single system. Options for bulk payroll processing with Approval workflow are also available. Payroll processing is efficiently integrated with Accounts / Finance system.

See how our AgES for Human Resource Management Software Works

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Capturing and maintaining the details of every employee in the organization is an important activity in any type of industry. AgES HRMS solution makes this job simpler with its efficient feature of maintaining all the details of the employees such as their personal information, family and education, training undergone, etc. The management can purview all the details of an employee with a single click. It is also available as Web and Android based application providing you the flexibility to access employee details from anywhere anytime.

  • Entire data of Employee.
  • Probationary Period & Confirmation.
  • Easy access of Qualification and experience document through web-based solution.
  • Captures employee training period.
  • Training plan and attendance details.
  • Employee skill sets.
  • Statutory document details.
  • Monitoring performance during the training period.
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Employee Database Module in HRMS

AgES – HR Services: Efficient and Flawless

Human resource management is replete with a wide range of responsibilities, from recruiting to relieving / retention. The Tasks amidst these two phases are the ones that are cumbersome and require redundant effort. Agaram offers HR Services which help you to overcome these challenges and ensure the efficient management of the human resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Capturing employee attendance details accurately is a difficult task. Does your application offer any solution to this?
Our application can be easily integrated with any Biometric device / Card swipe system. So we can extract the most accurate data of employee time-in, time-out, leave, OT, etc. There is no scope for data misrepresentation.
Scheduling Interview process and recruiting the right candidates consumes a lot of time and effort. How will the application help?
AgES HRMS makes the task easy & effective with its efficient handling of the entire recruitment process Devises Resource Recruitment Plan, Performs Interview Scheduling - sends reminder alerts to interviewer and candidate; performs Interview Rating and finally manages the Joining Formalities of selected candidates. The application also handles employee training and feedback.
Can the software handle shifts and leave details?
The Application has exhaustive features to handle shift allocation and also efficiently tracks the status of the employee i.e. on duty/leave. Using the bio-metric system the exact working hours clocked by an employee can be easily calculated. There is a streamline workflow for leave application, approval and status tracking.
How does the application handle contract labourers?
Contract labourers attendance details can also be captured using bio-metric device. The application offers provision for daily labour allocation, labour replacement and also provides Consolidated Contractor Billing.
Payroll processing in our concern consumes a lot of time and effort. How will your application helps us optimize the process?
The payroll process automatically takes the attendance details of employees from the system and can perform the payroll process of 1500+ employees in a span of few minutes. It has bulk payroll processing feature with Approval workflow.

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