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HR & Admin Services

HR & Admin Services - Agaram InfoTech

Many leading businesses have made the smart move of outsourcing HR activities to reduce operating costs, streamline internal processes, and focus on their core business operations. With over 10+ years of experience in handling HR related activities and office administration Agaram offers you efficient HR Services by its highly able HR consultants with deep knowledge of technology and best practices, and supports you in all your human resource management activities and business administration. Outsourcing HR activities provides your company with dedicated resources who manage and support all your HR processes, thus allowing you the time and bandwidth to focus on the key business areas. We serve businesses of all sizes - small, medium, and large multinational corporates, and in multiple domains. HR services offered by Agaram include the key activities of

  • Bio-Metric Device Integration
  • Attendance and Time Sheet
  • Monthly Payroll Generation
  • Training and Placement
  • Staff Augmentation Service
  • Field Support and Services

Bio-Metric Device Integration

Bio-Metric Device Integration - Agaram InfoTech

Offers the most trusted mechanism to capture employee attendance data. It eliminates the complex and time consumption process of attendance data collection and validations. Payroll processing is made easy and quick with the employee attendance details retrieved through Bio-Metric Device. This also offers an effective feature for Employee Time-Sheet maintenance, capturing their OT details, leave information and permissions. Builds a seamless attendance tracking feature for the organization.

  • Accurate Time-in & Time-Out capture through the Biometric Device.
  • No Scope for discrepancies, and misrepresentation of data.
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Attendance and Time Sheet

Employee Attendance Management - Agaram InfoTech

Manual attendance marking and estimation is time-consuming, error prone and fraudulent. This directly impacts the quality business time expended by the resources. A fully automated time-attendance management is indispensable for enhancing the productivity of your organization.

Agaram offers the most trusted employee attendance management services and generates various reports for analysis and actions. We not only offer proven advantage in terms of cost but also facilitate HR to manage Multiple Shifts and Overnight Shift Effectively and generate accurate and Timely Salary Data for Payroll. The service is most ideal for Schools, Hospitals, Government Institutes, Banks, Remote Sites, Hotels, Small/Large Enterprises and many more.

  • Shift Details captured & maintained in the system with great accuracy.
  • Adherence to Shift Timings validated using Biometrics.
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Monthly Payroll Generation

Monthly Payroll Generation - Agaram InfoTech

Payroll generation is very laborious and highly demanding activity which involves a lot of data interpretation and calculation. We make this process easy and effective for you with the Monthly Payroll Generation service using highly qualified and dedicated HR personnel. We handle the entire cycle of employee attendance data collection, verification and payroll processing. In situations where the organization has an existing attendance tracking system we efficiently handle integration with it to derive data and process the payroll.

  • Extracts data from Attendance Automatically.
  • Flawless Payroll Processing- Computation of Salary based on Working Hrs., OT Hrs. & Leave.
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Training and Placement

Training and Placement - Agaram InfoTech

Agaram works with students and working professionals to enhance their careers by providing them technology oriented and personality oriented training with tailor made courses and placement opportunities. Our areas of expertise include

  • Technical Skill development training
  • Soft skills training
  • IT training
  • Corporate training
  • 100% Placements for fresh and experienced candidates
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Staff Augmentation Service

Staff Augmentation Service - Agaram InfoTech

We are aware that your valuable business time is spent on talent hunting and recruitment of the right resources. With the varying needs of the business environment and with the emergence of new technology every day recruitment and training of resources is vital to your business development. Agaram offers you exceptional staff augmentation services.

Staff recruitment - We handle the entire cycle of interview scheduling, interview, rating and selection of eligible candidates. We also handle the entire process of getting the selected candidates on board as Employee.

Staff Training & Retaining – Keeping in view the requirement of your business we devise training programs at regular intervals for the employees of the organization. We also ensure that the employees are in a positive work place with a set of efficient employee retention policies.

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Field Support and Services

Field Support and Services - Agaram InfoTech

We provide you efficient personnel to oversee and manage human resources, field support and administration services. The Service Personnel integrate, coordinate, plan and execute all Human Resources support required by your organization.

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Automate your human resources management activity with Agaram InfoTech, one of the leading Human Resources Software provider Chennai. Your Investment of 100 ensures Brighter and Better Business Processes. We provide you support throughout the entire duration of the employee’s life-cycle in the organization. Starting right from recruitment, training, placement, appraisal and subsequent action. We seamlessly capture employee attendance data through bio-metric device / access card swipe system. Employee attendance details, OT details, leave, and all other information required for payroll processing is fetched quickly and accurately. Agaram also automates your payroll processing with abled HR personnel who provide the necessary support at your premises. Our cloud based payroll processing services offer you flexibility in handling all your HR management activities. We partner you with the promise to fully assist in the transformation of your HR model to bring about maximum value to the business.

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