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Capabilities for Food & Beverages ERP Software

GST Compliance & E-way bill Automation

The GST Compliant software offers web based e-invoicing system which helps you to generate e-invoices and e-way bills in just a click. We also interface with your existing system enabling you to leverage the benefits of e-invoicing and e-way bill automation.

Automated Production Process

Application provides an efficient platform for the automation of the production process comprising of Brewing Plan, Raw Material Preparation, Brewing process, Fermentation process, BBT Filling, and BBT Issue.

Efficient Bottling Process

AgES ERP software for bottling tracks empty bottle feeding, bottle rejections, filled outputs and finally packing. The software makes it possible to track total output as bottles and cases, beverage loss, bottle wastages and label wastages.

Effective Material Management

Application offers well streamlined material management consisting of Purchase Request, Request for Quotation, Quotation Receipt, PO raising, GRN receipt and payment. The application provides stock value of raw materials, finished goods, consumables, spares and Utilities at any given point of time.

Brewing Plan Generation

The system provides automatic generation of brewing plan on the basis of sales forecast. This can be modified based on the customer requirement. Raw material requirement is calculated by the system based on the brewing plan. This avoids over stocking of raw materials and optimum usage of resources for production.

Integrated Quality Management

Strict quality control features does not allow a material into stock without incoming inspection reports. The output of every process is subject to quality assurance testing and moves to the next process in pipeline only on adherence to standard. System provides the feature to block the supplier / material based on the quality defect report.


Results You can Expect

  • Transparent sharing of information between Production Plant and corporate office.
  • Efficient utilization of raw materials and resources through the automated generation of Production plan and Raw material requirement.
  • Accurate picture of the inventory with details of Raw materials, Consumables, Finished goods, spares and Utilities at any given point of time.
  • Assured Quality outcome as a result of quality assurance being integrated into the process with checks at every intermediate stage
  • Easy tracking of delivery status with sales debit note and GRDA. Excise verification certificate helps to track delivery, damage and payment details.
  • Fool Proof tracking of the kegs movements from production across to the hotels, clubs and other organizations.
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Core Modules for Food & Beverages ERP Software

AgES for food and beverages industry offers Material management module that streamlines the function of material procurement, and provides effective control through the approval workflow. It ensures the selection of the right supplier for the material with best pricing, Quality and delivery. It gives centralized stock view across the organization on Food Manufacturing Software. It supports FIFO based stock movements which reduces non-moving stock, and unwanted reorders. It offers effective control on the inward inspection and rejection returns to the supplier.

  • Automated Purchase alerts through reorder level.
  • Centralized control on vendor and price information.
  • Inbuilt workflow for purchase order approvals.
  • Serialized label & barcode generation.
  • Customer Knock Down (CKD) management.
  • First In First out (FIFO) based issue.
  • Supports Interplant stock adjustments.
  • On click generation of ABC analysis report.
  • Instant WIP, Store and in-transit stock reports.
  • Vendor rating.
Material Management Module in Food and Beverage

Frequently Asked Questions

Every time the selection of vendor for Raw materials is a time & resource consuming activity? How can you optimize it?
The application compares rates and suggests the best 3 suppliers for each raw material based on the quotes received from various suppliers. It also offers the feature to block suppliers based on their service quality.
We manually make the brewing plan, which is not efficient. Does your software offer any solution to this?
The application makes the most optimum brewing plan based on the sales forecast and the stock available in the inventory. This plan can be updated by the user on a daily basis, based on the customer requirement. The system also generates the material requirement plan based on the projected production.
Managing the quality of output is a very crucial activity in breweries. Does the application handle this aspect of our business?
Strict quality control measures are imposed at every stage by the application. The Raw materials are subject to incoming inspection and only the approved ones are entered in to the system. After every stage of brewing the output of the process is subject to quality testing and only on confirmation of the quality it moves to the next process in pipeline.
We manually maintain the material consumption for different processes & maintenance activities. How will you enhance this?
Application captures the real time consumption of materials like water, Carbon-di-oxide, energy, etc., for different processes. It provides equipment wise and process wise material consumption details. It also offers you maintenance history and service cost details for any selected period / machine.
We make indent entries manually, it becomes difficult to track indent status. What help does your s/w offer?
The system seamlessly captures every detail of the indent. Offers feature to track the status of the indent, you can easily find if it is completed, partially completed, expired or has to be revalidated. Alerts are issued ahead of the revalidation date for the expired ones.

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