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Capabilities for EPC ERP Software

Comprehensive Project Management

AgES, EPC ERP, offers full visibility and control of project costs, revenues, variances and progress measurements. Provides detailed cost and revenue estimates, along with benchmark reports to manage projects intelligently, collaboratively and as unified entities.

Labour Utilization

The ERP for EPC industries can be effectively integrated with any type of Biometric device to monitor employee movements and offers impressive metrics about your employee and contract staff including available hours, expenses and banked time.

Efficient Time & Expense Tracking

Our EPC Software offers fully integrated timesheet and expense functionality; users can track time and expenses accurately to the specific project task. This reduces errors in time capture, enables management to track actual time to budget.

Work Breakdown Structure

WBS is maintained for each work category to organize work, build realistic schedules and produce accurate cost estimates. The detailed WBS makes easy reporting / tracking / controlling project progress, budgeting and costing, managing funds, and controlling changes.

Improved Productivity and Profitability

AgES achieves increased productivity through careful scheduling of manpower, machinery and materials. Completely eliminates time spent waiting for materials and equipment, and due to machine breakdowns and irregularities in manpower allocation. Consequently profit margins expand and productivity increases through the investment in critical technology.

Efficient Document Management

From architectural plans to markups to RFIs, all the documents are managed in an efficient, organized way. AgES ERP for EPC Contractor keeps track of the most current documentation enabling anytime, anywhere access for project stakeholders. This facilitates communication and ensures that everyone is working synchronously in real-time, both back at the office and in the field.


Results You can Expect

  • On-time, on-budget delivery of projects achieved through absolute control over project Planning and execution.
  • Efficient Management of budgets and baselines through accurate forecasts / analysis of revenue across the organization.
  • Mobilization of skilled resources, on time supply of materials guaranteeing 100% increase in labour productivity.
  • Enhanced performance of projects achieved by deployment of right resources at the right time, adequate planning and scheduling, collaboration and communication between stakeholders on the project.
  • Improved response to customers allowing better services on regulatory standards.
  • Efficient Cash flow management both at the organization level & Project level; based on forecasting, controlling, and updating cash flow; effective Project wise accounting system.
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Core Modules for EPC ERP Software

The Admin module of our ERP for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) industry serves as a platform for efficient information exchange between the different departments of the organization. Comprehensive Manpower mobilization maintains candidate wise status information & Visa Process Information. The admin activities like maintaining the day to day financials – payments & receipts, vehicle allotment, administrative and personnel services are effectively automated by the system. The admin portal offers a streamlined flow of approvals through restricted authorizations, alerts and notifications.

  • Efficient Visa & Passport management process.
  • Appropriate Alert Messages provided for processing stage.
  • Efficient Vehicle allotment & handover process.
  • Comprehensive Camp & Worksite status reports.
  • Efficient Petty Cash management - Bill Types mapped to limit.
  • Controlled Cash Payments - Cash settlement mapped to Cash Request.
  • Manages Employee Orientation programs.
  • Appropriate alerts for renewal of Passports & Company legal documents.
Admin Module in EPC

Frequently Asked Questions

Shortage of skilled labour is a major issue in this industry. How does your application make the mobilization process easier?
The application handles all the processes in recruitment and mobilization of manpower very efficiently. Schedules interviews and provides alerts to the candidate and the interviewer beforehand, completely automates the candidate information gathering and maintenance.
Visa processing for selected candidates is a laborious one with many stages and related Red-tapeism. What is the help offered here?
Complete visibility to employee visa processing is provided by the system. Alerts are issued for each stage; the cost involved, necessary documents required at each stage of visa processing are available at the click of a button.
Delays in the supply of necessary materials at the project work site slow down work progress. How do you avoid this?
Materials management is an important function in order to improve productivity in construction projects. AgES ERP for Construction offers a comprehensive material management module which includes planning and material take off, vendor evaluation and selection, purchasing, expenditure, shipping, material receiving, warehousing and inventory, and material distribution. Helps you achieve the timely flow of materials and equipment to the jobsite, and thus facilitate improved work face planning, increased labor productivity, better schedules, and lower project costs.
Project level expense tracking is mandatory; it is required to analyze the profitability margin. Does the system offer this?
Every expense incurred is mapped to its respective project. Our EPC software also enables the user can easily acquire the expenses incurred and the revenue accrued for each project and thereby analyze its profitability.
Optimal usage of manpower is the prime factor for increased profit. How does the system help to monitor this factor?
Employee Time-in and Time-Out at the project site location is captured with absolute accuracy. System also maintains the employee shift details, leave information & permission details. All these help to deduce the manpower productivity metrics and ensure the optimal usage of the work force.

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