Inventory Management System – Track Your Sales and Orders Easily

The inventory management application is designed to easily track the inventory levels, sales, orders, and deliveries. It is also widely used in the manufacturing sector to create work order, bills, and maintain production related documents. This application helps to avoid overstocking and outages. This tool helps to efficiently organize inventory data, which was previously stored in hard-copy format or in the spreadsheets.

Agaram Infotech designs appropriate inventory management application that suits your individual business requirements perfectly. Regardless of an established business or the small scale business, we can develop the inventory management system that can simplify all your challenging tasks and save your valuable time, efforts and cost.

Key Highlights of Agaram Infotech Inventory Management System

Material Management (Inventory) - Agaram InfoTech
  • Provide audit ready software / hardware inventory details
  • Schedule system scanning to collect inventory data
  • Manage software licenses / compliance / category
  • Auto install / detect / block prohibited software in your network
  • Monitor software usage statistics
  • Automate specific event alerts including installation/ uninstallation of new software and removal of hardware

Our Featured Inventory Management Products

Agaram Infotech designs various choices of inventory management applications to suit different needs of different businesses. In this aspect, our range of products may vary widely as follow:

  • Supply chain management Software
  • Real-time inventory report
  • Complete inventory control
  • Master database of materials
  • Automated inventory management
  • Cloud-based inventory management
  • Order fulfillment for distributors
  • Advanced inventory
  • Complete procure-to-pay purchasing and more

Our inventory management system will enable to easily maintain:

  • Centralized record keeping
  • Sort / analyze item groups
  • Track fast or slow movement inventories / expiration dates
  • Fulfil orders without any defaults
  • Generate automatic alerts
  • Perform inventory valuation and stock adjustments
  • Control buffer stock and re-order levels
  • Manage multi-location store scenario
  • Easily Identify preferred supplier

Today the inventory and warehouse management becomes crucial for all businesses that strive to succeed in the competitive market. Integration of this system becomes essential to all types of businesses including service delivery, retail, wholesale, and other industries.

Benefits of Agaram Infotech Inventory Management Software

Besides various types of application we develop for your inventory management, our product offers ample benefits to your business and to highlight a few, here follow;

  • Allows centralized storage of data and thus ease data management from various stock locations
  • Supports efficient stock operations
  • Helps to enhance sales productivity and thus gain more customers whilst minimizing human errors
  • Enables in-time delivery, which is important for business growth
  • Helps to adjust order frequency
  • Eliminate the need for hidden costs and thus achieve more happy customers
  • Easily integrate back-office systems
  • Supports accurate business planning and forecasting

Do you wish to envisage the role of AgES in nurturing your industry?

If you are looking for the most advanced and complete inventory management system, then we are there to meet your expectations in a precise way as you desire.