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Agaram InfoTech is a leading Web Design and Web Development Company in Chennai which operates with an highly competent and experienced team of Web designers & developers. We offer you Custom website design and development services, giving your business the power of technology to connect and cater to your clients. With vast experience in designing & developing customized websites Agaram understands best that the two most desirable features of your website are - "look and feel" and user-friendliness. We develop websites balancing these two vital aspects, which makes them appealing, high performing, secure and at the same time be easy to comprehend and user-friendly.

Web Design and Development

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We understand the uniqueness of your business and hence that of your website and completely believe that not every web design technique is right for every type of business. With over 12 years of developing appealing, efficient and high-performing websites with a dedicated team of Web design and development we work seamlessly with you to comprehend your requirements to build the right websites for you. Our team possesses the right mix of technical expertise and project management skills required to build the perfect custom designed website for you that will nurture your business processes.

The websites we design and develop are extremely user friendly and responsive, offering the user an uniform and smooth experience across different devices: desktops, tablets, and phones. Your web pages would not just look good and perform good but would also adapt its content to fit any device. Hence it is not a surprise, that we are the most sought after Web Design and Web Development Company in Chennai.

Our Process


A thorough understanding of your business requirements & objectives, your market strategy & target audience is the starting point. Our team ensures complete comprehension to ensure that every need of the user is taken care of.


Once we obtain the clear understanding of your requirements we design the look of your website. On completion of the blue print and its subsequent approval we introduce visual assets, real content to the wireframes and apply colour palettes giving life to the design.


Design and development team work with perfect planning and coordination. Frameworks and CMS are implemented to ensure that the server can handle the installation and set-up smoothly. We also develop content for your websites.


The Quality Assurance team performs a thorough testing of the web pages to ensure that they adhere to every specification and performs as per required standards. The final Launch is on the successful accomplishment of this process.

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