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Capabilities for Oil and Gas ERP Software

Employee Mobilization Status Tracking

AgES provides the complete mobilization details for a candidate. Issues Alert for every mobilization stage informing ahead so that the next activity in pipeline can be planned & executed promptly.

Maintains WBS

Maintains Work Break Down Structures for all categories of Work. Application Captures Material cost, Manpower cost, Manpower & Equipment Requirement for a unit of work. This information is reusable across Tenders, and eliminates redundant effort.

Manpower Utilization

The software supports any type of Biometric device integration or swipe card system to monitor employee movements and collect accurate employee attendance data. Manpower utilization statistics like irregular time card report, absentee count report and leave history report are provided by the system.

Progress Measurement System

Effectively monitors and furnishes details of completion of each Work Category in a Project. The system also provides Work Category Wise daily Report containing detailed information about Manpower & Equipment Mobilization.

Pipe Joining Control System Integration

Pipeline construction and maintenance are important but laborious mid-stream sector activities. The application maintains the details of every pipe joining activity. Every WBS is linked to it & invoice is generated accordingly. This effectively eliminates Invoice Duplication.

Project-wise Expense Tracking

The system maintains the status of visa processing for every candidate together with the expense mapped to the respective project. Bill types are maintained for each expense together with permitted limit for payment which effectively monitors and controls cash payments.


Results You can Expect

  • Efficient management of allocation and status tracking for different types of Visa Quotas for employees.
  • Efficient resource mobilization planning and easy review of mobilization status at any point of time.
  • Systemized logic to arrive at project cost and work effort estimations.
  • Absolute control over the cash flow achieved through creation of Bill Types and also the permitted limits for payment.
  • Effective Tender management & easy tracking of Tender Revision history with cost & effort split maintained for each revision.
  • Elimination of Invoice Duplication, as every WBS is linked to Pipe Joining Control System & invoice is generated accordingly.
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Core Modules for Oil & Gas ERP Software

The Admin module of our ERP for Oil and Gas Industry serves as an efficient link between the organization's various departments and ensures the smooth flow of information from one part to the other. AgES Admin effectively automates core activities like maintaining the day to day financials, accounting, vehicle allotment, administrative and personnel services, in order to ensure effective operations. All the approvals and authorization can be carried out through the admin portal. It simplifies the entire process with timely alerts and notifications.

  • Employee status information.
  • Employee orientation program.
  • Maintains candidate wise Visa Process Information.
  • Camp and worksite information.
  • Appropriate Alert Messages provided for each stage.
  • Manpower allocation project /department wise.
  • Vehicle allotment and handover.
  • Maintains Bill Types with permitted limits for payment.
  • Cash settlement mapped to Cash Request.
  • Alerts for renewal of Company legal documents.
  • Consolidated Camp Daily Report.
Admin Module in Oil and Gas

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobilization of Manpower is a major challenge. Unable to track exact mobilization status for a selected candidate.
AgES provides the complete mobilization details for a candidate. Alert for every mobilization stage, informing ahead so that the next activity in pipeline can be planned & executed promptly.
Inefficient management of Visa Quota for various categories is a major concern. What is the solution offered here?
Visa Quota updated by the system in all relevant activities e.g. Visa processing of an Employee, Visa Cancellation Process, etc. No. of Visas granted for a Visa Quota, the stages of different applications can be easily obtained at any point of time.
Process of Tender details recording is a laborious one. Involves a lot of time and effort. What feature does the software offer for to reduce it?
Maintains WBS common format for all work categories. Material cost and Manpower cost is stored for a unit of work in WBS. Reused for different Tenders, avoids redundant effort in every tender requisition.
Progress invoice Duplication is a major issue, should be avoided through the system!
Every WBS linked to Pipe Joining Control System & invoice generated accordingly. Eliminates Invoice Duplication. Application maintains Invoice Revision History.
Unable to track duplicate Purchase Invoice from supplier. Need a solution for this issue..
Application links every Purchase Invoice with Material Request (MR). On receipt of Invoice, the MR status is updated; this provides no scope for duplication of invoice from the supplier.

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