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Material Management (Inventory)

AgES Inventory Management controls stock moment effectively by systematic planning and procurement processes. It increases visibility in the stock across the functional areas and business locations. Manages the complete procure-to-pay process and supports a wide range of basic and complex activities.

  • Well-defined purchase info records
  • Systematic way to select the best supplier
  • Efficient and Dynamic workflow for Purchase order approval
  • Supports to set the reorder levels for critical / vital materials
  • Alert and Notifications for reorder through mail or SMS
  • Centralized view and control on stock moments
  • Supports FIFO based storage and consumption
  • Simplifies material moments by Barcode and RFID integrations
  • Stock Transfer between functional location and business locations.
Material Management (Inventory) - Agaram InfoTech

Infant Monitoring System

Infant Monitoring System - Agaram InfoTech

AgES Infant Monitoring system effectively controls the new born babies theft from hospitals and also prevents incidents of Child swapping. The application is integrated with RFID tags and alarm system to monitor the moments of mother and baby. The baby, mother and the attenders are secured with RFID tags which emit signals, and have all information related to the baby and its parents. In the event of a baby being moved away from the mother or the attender, RFID tag reader senses signal interruption and sounds alarm. RFID reader spots mismatches in tag-data of the child and the bearer, it raises alert and averts child swapping and also helps in tracking the parents of lost child. The system which has been successfully implemented in many Government hospitals across the nation offers:

  • Systemized inpatient and attendant records
  • RFID Tag mapping and image capture
  • Finger print login to avoid misuse
  • Biometric reader for selection
  • 24*7 Support through Android application

Sales Management System (SMS)

SMS is an independent application that automates your entire sales process. The entire cycle of activities involved namely sales forecasting, quote creation, sales invoice creation, order tracking, delivery, etc., are efficiently handled by the software. The Sales Management System allows you to generate different types of barcodes of sales invoice which automates the GRN entry in the customer end. The system helps in tracking of sales records in less time and with high level of efficiency and helps you achieve the objectives, and goals of effective sales management.

  • Sales Invoice Creation and Sales Return Entry
  • Cheque Entry, MIS Reports generation
  • Enables the customer to automate GRN entry through 2D barcode available in Invoice
Sales Management System (SMS) - Agaram InfoTech

Patent Lifecycle Management

Patent Lifecycle Management - Agaram InfoTech

Intellectual Property Rights Application helps the Users to File Patent for the inventions.

  • Alerts for initial filing, form-3 transfer rights, proof of rights, file with complete specification, form-5 filing, request for examination, response to FER, file a counter statement, file a further response, file RFE (Divisional), to file priority documents, file a translation of priority documents, renewals.
  • Application manages Multiple Applicants / Assignee, Client, Multiple inventors, Attorney.

Android Application – Retail Card Selling System

Android App enables the sale of Phone Cards on the move from anywhere.

  • Connects with the Server for purchase of cards
  • Sales are done independently and receipt printed via Bluetooth printer
  • Reporting, Stock checking, authentication is available
Android Application – Retail Card Selling System - Agaram InfoTech

Material Resource Planning - MRP

Material Resource Planning - MRP - Agaram InfoTech

MRP is a client Server application through which the whole process / activities of Purchase, Production and Sales department are automated. MRP effectively handles everything in your manufacturing operation, from purchasing materials to final product to shipping and invoicing. It provides you clear, usable information, which leads to a leaner manufacturing production process. The application ensures efficient inventory management with better forecasting and your dead stock is considerably reduced as a result. All concerned departments in your organization get access to the right information always, ensuring better performance. The software effectively streamlines:

  • PO Creation, GRN Entry, Quality Pass/Rejection Entry
  • BOM Creation, Materials Request / approval for production
  • Materials Issue, FG Quantity Entry, FG quality Pass/Fail Entry
  • Sales Invoice Creation, Sales Return Entry, Cheque Entry
  • MIS Reports

Visitor Management System

AgES Visitor Management module deals with effective control over the entry of visitors / vehicles in to your business site. It automates and streamlines the printing of gate passes for various visitors and vehicles to prevent the entry of any unauthorized person in to the premises. Application provides appointment creation, notifications through system alerts, and provides the entry history of visitors and vehicles

  • Web based and windows application
  • Customized Gate pass with Barcode for visitors
  • Connected to webcam / Digital camera
  • Visitors arrival notification through appointments
  • Visitors and Vehicles details with photo
  • Black listing of visitors
  • Visitors Trip Reports
Visitor Management System - Agaram InfoTech

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