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Efficient & Cost-Effective Barcode Solution

In the simplest terms Barcode Solutions can be described as a pattern containing numbers and a series of lines, printed on a product and uniquely identifying it. With its basic purpose of identifying a product, the usage of barcode brings a gamut of benefits like – Accurate tracking of inventory items, Effective management of stock, Elimination of human error encountered in data entry, etc. Due to its multifold usage barcodes have been implemented right from big industries to medium & small scale sectors.

Barcode Implementation accelerates and makes business processes accurate, reliable, error-proof and less manpower dependent. It finds usage in a multitude of business work areas, making the process easier and effective.

Inventory Accuracy – Barcode scanning is faster and provides the most reliable data, hence definitely preferable than having to manually input the required inventory data.

Inventory Control - Once a barcode is scanned and added to the database, you can acquire valuable insight into the status of your inventory including shipping, receiving, and inventory quantities.

Reducing labor costs & Time – Employees at work can be trained very easily to use a barcode reader. By its usage employees avoid the wastage of time in figuring out individual items’ serial numbers and focus their energy on more important tasks. Eventually it improves your company productivity and saves company time and money.

Real-time shop floor data collection - Helps job tracking through the manufacturing and production process and ensures on-time deliveries & satisfied customers.

Agaram, the leading Barcode Solution provider in Chennai offers the most trusted approach to tracking of assets, and security of your organization using Barcode printers and scanners. With a dedicated and highly focused work force at helm we offer services starting from conducting free-site surveys, requirement analysis, ROI illustrations to detailed Demo for complete understanding of the implementation. We support you all the way through hardware supply, solution implementation/integration to training and support.

Latest & Cost-Effective Barcode Printers from Agaram

We are sure that you have already experienced the benefits of its usage; however you might be using Barcodes from a vendor. You no longer have to do so, buy the right barcode label printer and experience the power of barcode solution in the hands of your business. Agaram, the most trusted Barcode Solution provider in Chennai provides Barcode printers at very affordable price, specifically made to print labels or tags that can either be attached to or printed directly on your products. Print Barcodes that range from adhesive labels to ID bracelets. The barcodes can be generated in multiple shapes and sizes and a wide range of designs which can be read by mobile phones and other barcode scanning devices. Decrease overhead and increase your flexibility by installing barcode printers of best quality and experience the power of barcode integration.

Agaram offers a wide range of barcode printers to choose from. Choose from a range of Industrial printers, the one best suited to your business needs. Some of the Barcode printers Agaram offers Professional Barcode Solutions for the Industrial sector :

High-Performance : PX4i, PX6i, H-Class

Mid-Range : PM43/PM43c, PM42*, I-Class MKII, M-Class MKII, PM23c

Value Tier : PD43*/PD43c

Choose from a range of Desktop printers, Offering high-resolution print quality and quadruple connectivity options.

High-Performance : Pc43d/t*, ZD500 Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer, GX420 Thermal Desktop Printer, GX430T High-Resolution Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer

Mid-Range : E-Class Basic/Advanced/Professional*

Value Tier : PC42t Plus*, PC42d*(Note * indicates APAC Focus Models)

Agaram, your trustworthy partner for Barcode Solution provider in Chennai, provides expert guidance in selection of the right Barcode Printer keeping in mind your business needs, printer environment, the frequency of printer, and so on. Agaram offers complete Barcode solution that starts with your requirement study to the final Barcode printer installation and training. We make Barcode integration easy, and effective.

Agaram has expertise in the field of offering Barcode Solution for over 10 years, and is a name to reckon with among Barcode solution providers in Chennai. Hear it from our customer who made the wise choice.

"Our packaging time has been reduced by 30%, and we have also been able to organize our products better. Previously, we used to cross-reference each item with different store numbers, which was very tedious, but now, the store number prints directly on the label."

Barcode Scanners / Readers for accurate Data Capture

Agaram offers latest and cost-effective Barcode Scanners for accurate, timely capture and use of inventory data. These find applications from the checkout stand in a store to much needed & complex inventory management systems of large industries & organizations. Agaram deals with a palette of barcode scanners ranging from General Purpose Scanners, Rugged Scanners, Healthcare Scanners, Companion Scanners, Multi-Plane Scanners, 2D imagers, Fixed Mount Scanners to the Ultra-rugged barcode scanners. These devices find a wide range of usage as Handheld Scanners, On-Counter or hands-free scanners and In-Counter Scanners.

Industrial Scanners : Granit 1910i

Handheld scanners : Eclipse 5145/voyager 1250g/hh360/xenon 1900g

Hands free scanner : Orbit 7120/ genesis 7580

These barcode scanners offer accuracy & maximum data capture flexibility all in affordable cost. Give your business the winning edge by implementing the barcode scanners that ensure accurate and quick data capture saving you time, effort and bringing in accuracy & reliability to the system.

For more information about Barcode solutions or for business enquiries, kindly email us