Agaram at Auto Serve Expo 2018

Offers a Panorama of Hardware / Software Solutions custom made for Automotive Industry

Agaram is all set to make its presence felt at Auto Serve Expo 2018, showcasing a wide range of solutions and services for the Automotive Industry. Walk-in to be a part of the innumerable knowledge sharing sessions, seminars, live demos and much more and keep abreast with the latest technology transforming the Industry. At Auto Serve Exhibition Agaram would showcase its products & services specifically designed & developed to address every aspect of manufacturing industry, right from Stock management, streamlined production, quality control, costing, finance management, HR management to Infrastructure safety security and much more.

Every organization big or small would have valuable takeaways from the Exhibition :


23, 24 & 25 Nov, 2018


Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai


10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

  • The Expo would Showcase the best software solutions for the automotive industry
  • Highlights the efficient digital tracking technology of RFID solutions
  • Auto Serve Expo 2018 would line up the proven Barcode solutions used in the industry
  • Demonstrates the reliable and trusted hardware i.e. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) in automation
  • Live Demos of Security Solutions custom-made for your infrastructure's safety
  • Offers an array of customized solutions to streamline Inventory / Stock management
  • Auto Serve Exhibition would serve as the Platform for a wide range of solutions & services, both hardware & software, addressing every aspect of manufacturing

Apart from these Agaram would also bring to light many of its proved and trusted Hardware & custom made software solutions designed to streamline and enhance the operations of the industry. With innumerable products & services to address every requirement of the automotive sector, Auto Expo 2018 offers all the ingredients to fast pace your organization’s growth in the Manufacturing industry.