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Increasing the home / business security becomes crucial. The chances of entry of anonymous people or intruders cannot be predicted all the times. However, at the same time, by increasing the security across the region, it becomes possible to ensure the safety and restrict anonymous entry.

Agaram InfoTech with the key focus of presenting best solutions for your security requirements offers line of CCTV cameras and other security systems that will offer you best solutions as expected.

Logistics Software - Agaram InfoTech

AgES Logistics Software is the most appropriate application for any type of logistics industry to enhance their day to day activities and bring visibility in their business process. AgES Logistics Software for Transportation and logistics industry is a user friendly business application that provides real time information you require to make transforming business decisions, and achieve greater customer satisfaction. This solution addresses all the major glitches in business operations, For E.g. –

  • Tariff setup and calculation is a major and time consuming activity. AgES logistics software simplifies this process with predefined factors for rate. Appropriate control over the process is also provided through approvals and authorizations. The details of the tariff applicable can also be fetched on a single click.
  • Vehicle and consignment tracking is a vital activity made easy by AgES Logistics Software through GPS / GPRS integration. Location of the vehicle/consignment can be tracked with absolute precision and the customers get real-time information about the location of their assets at any point of time. Moreover Departure and arrival information is published to all stakeholders by the application.
  • Interpretation of business data and what the different figures imply is a challenging task which is well handled by Our Logistics Software through Dashboard. The application offers graphical representation of real time analytical information; quickly summarizes data and helps to measure and enhance operational efficiency.

AgES Logistics Software offers much needed functionality like fleet management, fleet maintenance, Inventory management, Insurance & Asset Management. The Comprehensive workflow provided by the software simplifies all the approvals and authorizations and reduces employee time and effort. AgES logistics software is flexible and scalable to the growing needs of your transportation business. The application is designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the different services in the logistics industry namely road transports, rail transports, parcel services, courier services, full truck loads, 3PL and warehousing activities. Our logistics software also brings real-time visibility into your operations through mobile application, GPS integration and e-POD.