AgES Logistics ERP – Complete Integrated Transport Solution

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AgES Logistics ERP provides a complete solution to any type of logistics and Transport Company to streamline their business process and to integrate their working environment. AgES Logistics ERP for Transportation and logistics industry is a user friendly business application that provides real time information required to measure and monitor your business. The crucial business data and analytics is made available to you at your desk, on the road or through your phone/tab. The application meets all the expectation of your growing logistics business and provides excellent business data analytics and graphical information on a single click. AgES Logistics ERP ensures improved efficiency across multiple departments and branches in the organization.

AgES Logistics ERP provides efficient solution for the major challenges encountered in Logistics Industry.

  • Tariff definition and calculation is a major and time consuming activity - AgES logistics software simplifies this process with predefined factors for rate. Controls Tariff setup through approval process.
  • Vehicle and consignment tracking is a challenging activity - AgES Logistics Management Software offers the feature to integrate GPS system. This facilitates route planning and helps in vehicle and consignment tracking. It also provides the departure and arrival information to all stakeholders. Customers get real-time information about the location of their assets.
  • Managing the workflow and ensuring appropriate approval is cumbersome - Comprehensive workflow simplifies all the approvals and authorizations and reduces employee time and effort. Supports all the aspects of the process starting from booking, planning, execution and payment. Provides easy and efficient integration between modules, offers real time data flow in a seamless manner and also easy information access.
  • Logistics Management Softwares are quite Complex and Expensive - AgES Logistics Management Software is easy to use and can be customized to meet all your business process requirements. It does not require skilled manpower to use it. AgES Logistics Software is affordable for everyone, starting from a small size firm to a corporate multi-site enterprise.