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Fleet Management Software - Agaram InfoTech

Fleet (vehicle) management is a very crucial requirement for every logistics industry, for it’s the efficiency in managing the critical resources of vehicles and drivers which decides the success of its operations. To achieve this goal AgES Logistics Software offers Fleet Management with a wide range of functions such as vehicle maintenance, driver management, fuel management, etc. Cost reduction and risk management is the primary objective of our fleet management software and we strive to ensure this along with maintaining efficiency and safety standards for every fleet.

Vehicle Management

A logistics company needs to maintain a Constant and Continuous check on its vehicles as they need to be in peak condition before every assignment. The Fleet Management module an integral part of our Logistics Software ensures this with its comprehensive features. It also addresses Fuel efficiency, ensures that fuel is used economically for every trip. AgES Fleet management system delivers reports hourly, daily, or even weekly depending on the customer’s specific requirement. This helps you to understand your fleet condition, and make appropriate delivery plans based on the analysis.

Route Optimization

GPS tracking helps you to plan routes efficiently, it aids in selecting the fastest route for delivery keeping in mind several factors like the distance, all viable routes, and bottlenecks expected in each. GPS tracking also helps to receive live traffic updates and to predict the time of departure and arrival. Fleet management system delivers reports hourly, daily, or even weekly depending on the criteria you need fulfilled. This helps you to understand the habits of your fleet and make adjustments based on the analysis. When it comes to logistics services time is money, and the fastest and safe roads are the best path for fleets.

Driver Management

In any logistics industry drivers can be called as the driving force. Managing them efficiently is as important as the vehicle management itself. The careful selection of drivers for every trip is very essential as the right man ensures the successful completion of the trip and also prevents problems in the long run. Our Fleet management software maintains an accurate profile of every driver employed by you; this includes their driving records, their experience, qualifications, along with their psychological profiles like their temperament, likelihood of taking breaks, usual driving habits, etc. These may be crucial when the vehicle/route under consideration need extremely skilled drivers. The fleet management software also ensures that the drivers get reasonable period of resting time and driver allocations is done to ensure it.

Our fleet management system offers proven benefits to the involved parties in multiple ways; for the logistics provider it is improved productivity, reduction in fuel consumption, time and man force requirement, for the customer it is the assured timely delivery, and for the drivers it is time and energy saving in terms of short and viable routes. The Fleet management module within AgES-Logistics Management Software delivers considerable advantages to all the concerned parties in the Transport industry.