Production Planning and control for Improved Manufacturing

Production planning refers to planning production and manufacturing modules of a company. It uses resource allocation, employees’ activities, production capacity, materials, and various other sources to determine a perfect plan and serve customers with varying needs. Production planning can also be combined with production control and enterprise resource planning. This planning strategy is widely used in various industries including agriculture, food production, consumer product manufacturing, and many others.

Agaram Infotech Production Planning and control

Production planning further supports planning the production requirements. Every company performs production planning periodically with a specific interval. Agaram Infotech takes complete effort to design the right plan for your manufacturing unit. It comprises activities like;

Production Planning and control
  • Determining essential product mix and factory load to meet customer needs
  • Match required production level to the existing resources
  • Schedule and choose actual work to start for manufacturing
  • Set up and deliver production order to facilitate production

To develop a perfect production plan, we work closely with all related departments including sales and marketing. This will help us to get sales forecast, listen to customer orders and fetch other details that enable the team to perform in best ways.

We understand that production planning comprises a critical factor, which is “Accurate Estimation of Productive Capacity of the available resources”. Therefore, based on this criterion and regardless of however challenging the task is, we come up with a perfect production plan that supports your manufacturing process in an efficient way.

Why are Production Planning and Control Important?

Here are a few facts that emphasize the need of implementing production planning and control

  • To enhance customer service by improving scheduling and production
  • Enable effective inventory control, which is also easy to maintain
  • Improve equipment and ensure effective use of resources
  • Significant improvement of plant morale to ensure smooth work flow and avoid rush orders
  • Reduce time required for the overall production process and thus eliminate waiting time
  • It ultimately ensures quality of final products
  • It ensures appropriate usage of raw materials and equipment

Why choose our Production Planning and Control Solution?

Here are a few valuable reasons why you choose our production planning and control solution for your manufacturing requirements:

  • To regulate inventory management
  • Enable optimum utilization of resources
  • Organize production schedules
  • Ensure smooth flow of production processes
  • Ensure cost cut alongside improving the savings
  • Control resource wastages
  • Maintain quality standards through appropriate production life cycle
  • Determine nature of production / operation / size of operation
  • Boost overall profit and improved delivery performance

We are ready to provide the best custom-made production planning and control solutions to all types of industries and product manufacturing.

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