Effective Preventive Maintenance Plan for a Successful Business

The preventive maintenance plan implies the regular maintenance of equipment, which has the likelihood of failing due to continuous working. This maintenance is performed anytime regardless of the equipment is still working. The main purpose of this plan is to eliminate the chances of unforeseen break down.

Types of Preventive Maintenance

This maintenance plan can be categorized into two types and they include:

  • Time-based Preventive maintenance: This implies regular inspection on equipment component that may possibly impact production process due to breakdown
  • Usage-based Preventive maintenance: This implies triggering of fire after a certain period of time, production cycle or kilometers of functioning of the equipment

Why is Agaram Infotech Preventive Maintenance plan Important?

The preventive maintenance commonly comprises care and servicing of assets and periodical maintenance of the equipment to ensure smooth operation. This will include systematic inspections and observations to detect and correct faults before any breakdown occurs.

Preventive Maintenance

Any manufacturer or business that is specific about ensuring quality of production and want to avoid delays in production and eliminate repair cost will consider choosing the preventive maintenance plan.

Here are a few reasons that emphasize the need for our preventive maintenance plan:

  • Efficiently minimize asset failure / breakdowns
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase safety
  • Improve overall production
  • Ensure prolonged asset productive life

What does our Preventive Maintenance Plan include?

  • Get a complete report of the current condition of the equipment
  • Receive scaled drawing of complete system
  • Receive digital pictures of the present condition of the equipment
  • Get follow-up inspections to ensure proper maintenance of the equipment
  • Get annual inspection, which is crucial for continuous functioning of the machinery

Based on the requirements and operation of the equipment, we custom plan to schedule your preventive maintenance. Besides eliminating the possibilities of breakdowns, our preventive plan also supports cost cut, which is crucial for any businesses.

We ease scheduling the plan for both long term and short term needs. We can assure you increased reliability and decreased chances of risk of unplanned downtime. Our plan also maximizes the asset availability, efficiency, and reliability whilst reducing the total cost of ownership. It will also help to meet the production requirements and minimize the operation risk involved.

In simple terms, our preventive maintenance software application will help to easily monitor the costs, compliances, and quality involved in the maintenance process. It offers real-time access to field engineers and maintenance staff to document and schedule maintenance works.

Regardless of your industry specification, we are ready to provide you a perfect preventive maintenance plan that will suit your expectations perfectly.

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