Improve Employee Performance with Effective Performance Appraisal Process

The performance appraisal process implies performance review, career or development discussion, employee appraisal or performance evaluation. This approach will help to improve the overall job performance of your employees. This process will help to effectively document and evaluate every employee’s performance and thus make a decision accordingly. Through this performance appraisal process, continuous monitor and review of employee performance is generated with the organization and based on it, the career development is discussed and determined.

How Agaram Infotech Performance Appraisal Process Benefits?

Performance appraisal is the systematic and periodic process of assessing an individual employee’s productivity and job performance. This is done with the focus of determining certain elements and work towards organizational objectives.

Here follow a few highlights of how our process benefits your business growth:

Appraisal Benefits - Agaram InfoTech
  • It helps to cultivate organizational and job-specific competencies of each employee
  • Based on the review the organization becomes capable of taking decision and work towards high performance and success
  • It helps understanding if the employees are getting continual direction, development, feedback that will improve their performance and success
  • It helps to align the organizational goals and make the workforce efficient while driving towards targeted business results

What does our Performance Appraisal Process include?

Here follow the process involved in performance appraisal:

Appraisal Process - Agaram InfoTech
  • Prepare complete data and feedback from what you have observed over past 12 months from your employees and compare with your goals
  • Request your employees to refer a few colleagues or customers who can provide feedback and additional details about their work
  • Request employees to provide self-assessment of their job performance relevant to their appraisal discussion
  • Conduct a complete discussion with your employees about their performance and fetch both positive feedback and their development scenario
  • After discussion finalize their appraisals according to the employees' input
  • Before giving a copy to the office heads, both the supervisor and employee should sign the appraisal form
  • Set new objectives and targets / goals for the next 12 months
  • Engage your employees on ways to improve their performance such as conferences, training, special projects, and others
  • Create an opportunity for the employees and provide support to improve their performance

How our Performance Appraisal Process help dealing the issues?

We take ultimate care to ensure that all potential issues in performance appraisal are carefully dealt and appropriate solution is found. Here are the major supports we provide you:

  • Eliminate the issues of low motivation and poor commitment
  • Solve cost-related issues such as withhold talented employees, improve bonus payments, avoid time wasting and more
  • Solve poor quality of targets, poor focus on objectives and performance culture
  • Resolve unclear correlation between employee objectives and business objectives
  • Find an appropriate solution for inadequate daily follow-up
  • Perform appropriate evaluations
  • Find the best solution for lack of skills development
Appraisal Features - Agaram InfoTech

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