Authenticate your Delivery with Agaram ERP

Apr 07, 2017 | By James Wesley

Logistics operations involve several systems and procedures that need to be taken into consideration and followed. A seamless transition amongst procedures is integral to smooth operation within the logistics sector. Operations in logistics follows a preset sequence in which the key sequences following the initial procedures would include; accepting the shipment, transporting the shipment, delivery of the shipment and payment. Each sequence is interlinked with the other. Irrespective of the extent of a business, there is a close association between logistics and supply chain. In this sector, logistics is considered as the blood while supply chain is perceived as the body. In case there is a lack of proper flow in logistics or a certain part of logistics which could either be transportation or distribution, the supply chain is broken. In the event that a particular sequence or action is missed or delayed, it will have a direct adverse impact on the succeeding sequence.

This is particularly true in the last sequence that involves delivery of the shipment. Following the delivery, the logistics firm has to furnish a proof of delivery document which substantiates that the delivery has occurred. In the absence of a valid or authentic 'proof of delivery', the firm engaging the logistics services may not release the payment which would result in delay and hamper the smooth operations of the logistics service provider. A proof of delivery (POD) is a key document that confirms the date and place of delivery to the consignee and is duly attested with the signature of the person accepting the delivery of the shipment. This document is very much required to substantiate the delivery and process the payment.

Future Truck, Subham Transport, Seenu Transports and South African Inland Logistics are some key logistics service providers both in the domestic as well international arena. While Despite these organizations had established a reputation for themselves in the market and are highly preferred by clients, they often had to face issues relating to payments due to the lack of or timely submission of a valid POD document. In addition they also faced issues related to documents being misplaced which further led to wastage of time, resources and efforts in following up. Moreover, the task of collecting and submitting the POD was entrusted to individuals. All in all, any issues pertaining to POD validation or escalation disputes substantially delayed the payment process.

These issues pertaining to intrinsic documentation such as POD and other above mentioned problems can be easily overcome with the help of logistics management software. Agaram InfoTech is an organization that offers customized ERP software development services to diverse organizations across industries including logistics. ERP software for the logistics industry offered by Agaram helps clients to generate a POD which substantiates the delivery of the shipment and ensures a smooth flow of operations both for the consignee and the consignor.

The Logistic organizations above mentioned approached Agaram for ERP software development that could help them to mitigate the problems they were facing. Agaram Infotech, known for their expertise in offering customized ERP software development services worked out a suitable solution that helped these organizations effectively address all their issues. The ERP software provided by Agaram presented the said organizations with several advantages. The main advantage of the ERP software developed by Agaram for these organizations was that it was a web based application that allowed the organization to update all delivery related information. Once the information about the delivery was updated, the software sent an automatic SMS to both parties. The ERP software also had an option where the POD could be scanned and uploaded. E-documentation was also facilitated through the ERP software which not only brought down the need for paper based documentation but it also eliminated the scope of documents being misplaced. Another advantage of the ERP software was that since it was a web based application, the said organizations did not have to depute specific personnel to submit and collect the PODs thereby, reducing wastage of time, efforts and resources. Hence ERP software presenting the organizations with an innovative way through which they could validate the delivery and speed up the payment procedure.

Thus, customized ERP software development services offered by Agaram for the said organizations within logistics services, not only facilitated a seamless flow of operations but it presented them with a string of benefits. As a result, the organizations were able to bring down their turn-around time with regards to payments and ensure that the revenue stream was not disrupted.