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Project Manager

No. of Openings : 01

Experience : 8+ Years

Posted On : 27th Apr, 2018

Location : Chennai

Overview :

Manages the activities of a large and complex program or project developing and implementing a major information systems project or upgrading an existing major system. Often handles multiple projects concurrently and is the primary interface with the user on all matters relating to technical excellence and meeting cost/schedule requirements.

Sets direction and manages all aspects of the development and implementation of complex IT projects (i.e., ability to manage $2.5M or more), including application development projects, infrastructure or mobilization solutions, or a combination of such projects. Provides a single point of contact for those projects and takes them from original concept through final implementation of an application or system. Defines project goals, determines project scope and devises methods to achieve project goals. Tracks project progress and deliverables to assure the clients receives the product required within budget and schedule.

Develops or supervises the development of major project documents, including project scope statement, objectives, work plans, schedules, project estimates, system architecture and resource plans. Monitors project status, progress, quality and deliverables, identifying and resolving issues and problems as they arise. Interfaces with clients in identifying and resolving questions, issues, and problems. Selects vendors and contractors, integrates their work into the overall project plan, monitors their progress and assures quality of their deliverables.

Supervises the more junior technical staff on projects, monitors their professional development and mentors them as necessary to improve their effectiveness on the project and general level of skills.

Parsons resident expert on specific technologies. Recommends how to apply those technologies within the company, individual GBUs and departments.

Responsibilities :

  • Analyzes the business case for developing a major application or enterprise-level systems.
  • Analyzes the client's needs and user requirements to determine the project scope and functional requirements and recommends project priority to Parsons senior management.
  • Reviews and approves recommended solutions, conversion plans, procedures for implementation and related timetables to ensure they meet the user's requirements.
  • Defines project objectives and scope, including budget, schedule, deliverables, resources required and other essential project information.
  • Develops detailed work plans, schedules, project estimates and resource plans.
  • Establishes the high-level structure of the application, program or system (infrastructure, network, or distributed) by creating the system architecture; directs implementation of that architecture throughout project development.
  • Assembles project team, selecting individuals with the appropriate knowledge and skills to successfully develop and implement the project.
  • Tracks project status, analyzes progress and prepares internal status reports to Parsons management.
  • Organizes, plans and conducts regular project status meetings with the project team and with the client, to determine current progress of the project in relation to project deliverables, budget and schedule.
  • Ensures that recommended technologies and program enhancements meet or exceed the user's expectations.
  • May personally meet with users regarding potential problem areas, schedule delays, issues, questions or other events which could affect project scope or completion.
  • Provides technical and analytical guidance to the project team; works with the project team to identify and find solutions for project issues, questions and problems.
  • Ensures adherence to quality standards and reviews project deliverables to assure quality standards are met. Reports results of quality assessments via a quality report.
  • Provides technical direction to subordinates and reviews work produced to ensure technical excellence.
  • Monitors productivity and technical proficiency of assigned personnel. Conducts performance evaluations, takes corrective action as necessary, recommends promotions and salary actions, and recommends training and development for assigned personnel.
  • Identifies issues and problems; takes action to direct analysis; recommends and implements solutions.
  • Selects vendors and contractors; manages the integration of vendor tasks; tracks and reviews vendor deliverables.
  • May provide company's expertise on the development and use of specific technologies.
  • Maintains affiliation with professional societies to keep abreast of current and newly-developing technologies. Makes recommendations where projects might benefit from new technological changes.

Preferred Education / Experience :

4-year degree in Computer Science (or related curriculum) and 5-10 yrs. of diversified experience providing leadership and direction in business analysis, system architecture and project management of large, complex application or IT infrastructure projects, typically projects with a value of at least $2.5M and with large project teams. 2+ yrs. previous experience as an IT Specialist, Senior preferred.

Required Skills / Competencies :

  • Ability to design, architect, develop and implement complex application solutions for large and complex programs or projects or similar experience for an infrastructure and/or mobilization project or program.
  • A thorough understanding of business analysis (e.g., conducts user interviews, captures system requirements, assists with definition of system specifications and scope, analyzes requirements against existing system), project management and application architecture or similar infrastructure / mobilization expertise.
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Knowledge of multiple programming languages (e.g., C++, Visual Basic, JAVA, etc.) for application development and/or multiple infrastructure / mobilization solutions (e.g., Network solutions, WAP, VOIP, Video Conferencing, Riverbed) .
  • Excellent ability to lead and manage a project development team of any size.
  • Written and oral communication skills appropriate for the position, including the ability to speak with authority on technical issues in various professional settings and to persuade listeners regarding best approach to resolving user's problem (may include communication via telephone, in person, presenting to large groups, community events). Ability to write complex documents (may include policies and procedures and presentations). Communicates with a wide variety of individuals (employees and all levels of management) throughout the organization and outside of the organization (i.e. clients, vendors).
  • Ability to communicate effectively with senior management, users, team members and vendors on technical and non-technical subjects.
  • Ability to recognize issues and problems develop effective solutions and resolve issues successfully within the team and with the client.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal direction or oversight.
  • Ability to recommend Parsons direction in using new technologies and upgrading existing technologies as well as the ability to supervise projects introducing new technologies or upgrading existing technologies.