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Sports Academic Software to make the marked difference

Sports Academic Software - Agaram InfoTech

AgES Sports Academic software has been specifically designed to help educational institutions/ Universities to identify promising talents in different sports/athletics and help them to device the right training and coaching for these students to help them turn into future stars.

India has always been in forefront in Cricket; however other sports like Badminton, Squash and even gymnastics have seen new stars from India emerging in the global arena. Our Sports academic software is designed to identify such promising talents at the root level and propose special training to nurture them in the right way.

AgES Sports Academic Software has multiple features to enable customized/ individualized training for the sports person/athlete. Inbuilt video recording helps to revisit the previous matches and their videos. With this, coaches can help the players to identify their mistakes or weakness in the initial stage and rectify it.

The Sports Academic Software has the option to identify the individual strength/weakness of each of the student, their physical condition, their injuries, medical history, allergies, etc., and helps them to obtain right assessment of their physical condition. AgES Sports Academic Software helps them deal effectively with the challenges faced in sports like injuries.

AgES Sports Academic Software provides the easiest and the most efficient way to handle the students in any sports academy. It finds application in multiple sports like cricket, football, basketball or any individual sports like badminton, squash or athletics. It helps to keep check on the fixtures and training time. AgES Sports academic software helps in organizing sports events or tournaments quickly and efficiently.

The application effortlessly provides past data and also the most necessary data analytics. This helps coaches to give an insight into player’s game pattern and helps them to device the right game strategy. Managing sports in the grass root level is a difficult task and AgES Sports Academic Software is the apt solution.