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A Complete Cricket Analysis Application

Cricket Analysis Software - Agaram InfoTech

AgES Cricket Analysis Software is designed to analyze the different aspects in a Live Cricket match such as batting, Bowling, Fielding, Partnership, and Over by Over play. It gives complete detailed statistics with the help of HD videos analysis and real time data. It analyzes a player in all departments of the match and an extensive report can be generated with the reporting system inbuilt in this software. By using the reports provided by application, players / coach / administrators or organization can view desired match details / reports on their mobile without depending on analyst or the match coding individual.

It is highly useful for modern day cricket matches, such as IPL, other T20 competitions across the globe, as these are fast paced matches wherein strategies need to be changed often. The analysis software is highly sought as it predicts results based on the current match data and statistics input.

The Cricket Analysis Software provides extensive reports like Pitch Reports, Pitch Map Reports, Scorecard, Score and Spider, Bowling Highlights, Break-Up Reports, Power play, Manhattan, Over Comparison reports, Tournament Reports, Historical Reports of players, pitches, and stadium.

AgES Cricket Analysis software is highly specialized and designed with latest technology. The Flagship product has won many accolades from prestigious BCCI, Domestic Cricket boards in India like Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association, Chhattisgarh Cricket Association and IPL teams like Gujarat, Pune, Chennai Super Kings, and many more.