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Athletic Management Software – Comprehensive Tool to Monitor & Train Athletes

Athletic Management Software - Agaram InfoTech

AgES Athletic Management Software is a very innovative tool which helps Colleges, Training Centers, Professional Teams, and Individual Athletes in the most professional way. AgES Athletic Management Software not only monitors the performance of the athletes but also helps them work on their fitness, training, wellness and manage their work load in a seamless manner.

AgES Athletic Management Software collects various data points related to athletes and gives them historical reports. With the data captured by AgES Athletic Management Software, coaches can make recommendations and training enhancements. It also helps in injury audits to analyze the trends and patterns of the injuries and helps the players to get right medical help, recovery treatment required. AgES Athletic Management Software’s powerful analytics engine provides you with real time data and actionable insights.

AgES Athletic Management Software helps to reduce player’s recurrent injuries and thus ensures that they have more time on the field then off the field due to injuries. Also, with the inbuilt communication channel, coaches and players can have a platform to interact among themselves.

Wearable devices like Fitbit or GPS devices can be efficiently integrated with AgES Athletic Management Software, this helps to monitor the player’s fitness and keeps check on their heartbeat, sweat pattern, dehydration level, and Physical condition and gives the right assessment for these parameters. Players get adequate work-load adjustments based on their level.

The Software keeps track of tests undergone by the players and provides accurate reports on that. AgES Athletic Management Software saves considerable time which was earlier expended for compiling the data and generating the reports based on that data. This time saved could be constructively spent by the organization on the players and provide them an edge against their opponents. AgES Athletic Management Software’s unique dashboard provides a consolidated figure of all important analytics, offers all the vital stats, analysis, alerts, graphs, reports, recommendations, and assessments.

AgES Athletic Management Software is the future of sports performance. This result oriented software aids in keeping the players fit and focused improves their performance and helps them to perform in the highest level.