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Most Comprehensive Athletic Analytics Software

Athletic Analytics Software - Agaram InfoTech

In the last few decades the world of sports has experienced massive growth in the use of analytics tools for measuring and enhancing player’s performance. The use of the right Athletic Analytics software definitely gives an athlete the competitive edge over their rivals. APT (Alpha Pro Tracker), the most comprehensive analytic software with a wide spectrum of user options assists you in the understanding and in-depth analysis of an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on this the coach/Trainer/Physio can device custom training/coaching for the players to work on their weaknesses and to leverage their strength. This way it adds value to the players training program.

The Athlete analytic software aids the players in multiple ways :

  • Empowers Self-assessment and Evaluation
  • Athlete acquires a clear understanding of his strength and weakness
  • Periodic alerts for events enables on-track training
  • Provides the perfect analysis of Player’s General Physical Preparedness (GPP - Strength, Speed, Agility, Balance, Flexibility, and power). Based on this focus can then be projected on their Sport-Specific Physical Preparedness (SPP)

The Athletic Analytics software offers a host of advantages to the trainers/coach/Physio/team management:

  • Provides Exact projection of Fitness level and Nutrition requirement
  • Gives Appropriate alerts for illness, prescribed medicines and allergies
  • Enables to Chart out optimal activity-Schedule and Training Program
  • HD videos of the games are available which can be used to study the player’s technique, their weakness and strengths
  • In also provides powerful injury analytics and pinpoints areas that must be focused to avoid the occurrence of injury in the future
  • Helps massively in studying a player’s game and analyze every aspect of it.
  • Provides consolidated Reports and Dashboard for in-depth analysis, planning and Execution
  • It assesses prior results, win-loss records and opponent history to determine the outcome of a future sporting event. It helps to fine-tune performance, proficiently scout the opponents and effectively recruit new talent.

Analytics are the present and future of professional sports. Our Athletic analytics software provides wide-ranging and consistent database, the gold standard for any sports analyst who requires accuracy and forensic levels of detail. It helps to fine-tune performance, proficiently scout the opponents and effectively recruit new talent.